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We built our company from scratch, we start from the lowest part of IT Industries. Which makes us understand every possibilites in the CCTV System and Access Control. We Proposed high quality and modern technology of CCTV. Our Team is Capable of designing and propose the best solutions for your needs.

Awesome Products and Features

Effective and Efficient CCTV System and Access Control, Actively managed and designed to match your requirements
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Managing a high uptime CCTV System, zero downtime is a tollerance

Custom design

Every CCTV System has its own requirements, proposed only the best suitable for your needs


Managing all available resources, start from cabling, network, bandwith, power and environment. Resulting a better CCTV System

After Sales

Backed by professional team, your we don't do hit and run, but we support our loyal customers to satisfaction

PERSISTENCE Full Support Team, Ready to Help

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Our Solutions

We are eager to explore new technology in CCTV System. Our Solutions of CCTV System will provide your needs from any environment

Cloud Video Surveillance

The ability to use Cloud Technology to set up a CCTV Recording System on a Cloud. High availability and redundancy features.

Face Recognition Systemn

A System which able to detect a particular face, increasing the security of premises and private areas.

Lisence Plate Recognition

Plate numbers can be recognize and listed. Making easy database for large private areas and automatic access for registered number

POS and CCTV Integration

Combining a CCTV System to POS System, will increase the area security and also the transaction.

Nature Powered CCTV System

Using renewable energy to power a CCTV System has become one of our project for remote areas surveillance

Home and Industry Needs

The importance of a CCTV system now becoming vital, we support home and industry suitable for all needs.

Our Works

Samples of Happy Customers

Portfolio Item 1

Es Teller 77

Portfolio Item 2

Semen Merah Putih

Portfolio Item 3

MSIG Indonesia

Portfolio Item 4

Ngurah Rai International Airport

Portfolio Item 5

Indonesian Cloud

Portfolio Item 6

Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional

Portfolio Item 7

Black Canyon Coffee

Portfolio Item 8

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Portfolio Item 9

BPPT Serpong

Portfolio Item 10

More to come

Portfolio Item 11

More to come

Portfolio Item 12

More to come

About Us

Our motto is to Win with Pride and to Loose with honnor

Product Video Intro

Multi Capability

Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo is the information technology solutions provider that delivers business aligned, end to end solutions and products to organizations, whose success depends on Information Technology. Our highly qualified, certified information technology professionals are eager to assist you with your technology needs and let you focus on your day to day operations. Our Services includes:

  • Face Recognition System
  • License Plate Recognitions
  • Wind Powered CCTV
  • POS and CCTV Integration

Our Process

We believe that building your information technology solutions should be an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. So we've developed a simple, modern build process which sets us apart from outdated, expensive traditional construction.













Meet Our Role's

Quotes to look up

Milton's Hershey

Role Model

Give them quality, Thats the best kind of advertising

Albert Einstein

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If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough

Seth Godin

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Our Skills

Video System
Computer Network
Civil Engineering

Our History

Its the year we started the IT Business. Supporting Small to Medium Company for IT Technical Support. Our Services consist of Networking, Domain Integrations and other IT dailly activities..

We believe that the strong point of understanding the CCTV System start from the experience.

Moving towards to better management, Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo set up its name to Registered Company.

Starting our ways to a focused system integrator in CCTV System.

After years of struggling with the business, we refresh our management to a more distinctive and persistent individual.

Now we are ready to be reputable company in CCTV Industries.

Setting up a new level of System Integrator for CCTV System.

The stories continues...


We believe good CCTV System should have three most important things. Availability, Reliability, Effectivity. beside all of that, we belive after sales support will maintain those three aspect.
To ensure a CCTV system running as expexted, we preserve our relationship with all of our customers. Nobody want's to implement something if there was no one to ask if problems occured. We are ready to support your CCTV system, and proposing a maintenance agreeement.
We only implement a CCTV system with original and official warranty product. Ensuring that the system will fulfill the requirements. Our Team is also Internationally certified with some various products we have..

Fun Facts

Many things happend in the journey of our teams, some are good some are bad, we share you a glimpse
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Our Partners

Our long-term relationships with industry-leading companies deliver high-value solutions to our customers.

Latest Blogs

Below are stories about project we conduct

The Cement Factory

Running a CCTV system in a very dusty area, no matter its in our outdoor..Cement is everywhere. We proposed a high quality of IP Camera's and a Suitable Recording System. The System runs more than 40 IP Cameras for indoor and outdoor. And also accessible for viewing from the head office in Jakarta. Our team is capable to Design, Implement and Finish the project far from the deadline schedule. Making us trustable and reputable in the customers view.

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Indonesian Famous ES Teller

Supporting POS and CCTV Integrations for all outlet in Indonesia with approximately 200 IP Camera's, We Proposed and Design a CCTV System to simultaneously securing the area and also the sales transaction from any problems and cheating. Combining multiple solution to fits user needs, which resulted in high efficienty cost reduction in losses. This system continues to evolve with more complex requirements from the user.

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The Cement Factory

Supporting POS and CCTV Integrations for all outlet in Indonesia with approximately 200 IP Camera's, We Proposed and Design a CCTV System to simultaneously securing the area and also the sales transaction from any problems and cheating.

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Indonesian's Famous Es Teller

Supporting POS and CCTV Integrations for all outlet in Indonesia with approximately 200 IP Camera's, We Proposed and Design a CCTV System to simultaneously securing the area and also the sales transaction from any problems and cheating.

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VM for CCTV Recording

Succesfully implement a Cloud VM for recording CCTV. the ability to reduce the cost of hardware investment and also high reliability for hardware. The CCTV recording is saved on a VM server which accessible from any location

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